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Doctrinal Studies
Basic Divisions you Must Make
A brief overview of important divisions one must make when approaching the Holy Scriptures
Be Careful!
Watch out for false prophets and false teachers, there are more of them than more of us.
Behold the Day of the LORD cometh!
A study on the most preached doctrine in the Bible: The day of the LORD also known as the Second Coming of Christ.
Biblical Christianity vs. Respectable Christianity
A look at the two kinds of Christianity that exist in America today: Biblical Christianity and Respectable Christianity. These are contrary one to the other like the flesh is to the Spirit.
Coming Soon
The 7 future events the church will go through in the near future.
Conformed to the Image of his Son
God has predestined us to receive a glorified body like Jesus Christ.
A study on the 2 sets of heavens and earth in Genesis 1, the gap theory.
Daniel's 70 Weeks
The greatest prophecy in the Bible is studied in detail.
Eternal Security
A study on the eternal security of the believer.
Everybody wants to be like God
Saved and Unsaved people want to be like God.
Final Authority
The surest form of revelation is the written word of God according to 2 Peter 1. It is the final authority.
God having provided some better thing for us
What God has provided for his saints.
God's Vision: The Purpose & Reason for the Existence of Evil in Creation
The "Problem of Evil" and the Purpose and Reason for the Existence of Evil in Creation.
God's Vision: The Will of God in Creation and in Eternity - Part 1
A look at the creation narrative in Genesis 1-3 and understanding the motivations of God in creation.
A study on hell and the lake of fire.
How to interpret the Bible
General rules of thumb when it comes to interpreting the Bible
If the dead rise not
If there is no resurrection, let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die. But thank God there is a resurrection of the dead.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
It's all about Jesus.
Living in the Will of God
In light of the knoweldge of God's will, how we ought to live.
Love not the World
God has saved us out of this present evil world (Galatians 1:4). We expose the world for what it really is.
Lovest thou me?
If any man love me, he will keep my commandments.
Overview of the Bible - Creation
A look at the creation, the gap theory, the 3 sets of heavens and earth
Overview of the Bible -The Canon of Scripture
The first lesson in a series of lessons on an overview of the Bible. We look at what the Bible says about itself, the canon of scripture, and why different English translations of the Bible don't always agree
Paul's Warnings to the Church
Over 60% of Paul's warnings to the church have to do with false doctrine.
Rock of Ages
The Rock is Jesus.
The Blood
A study on blood in the Holy Bible.
The Book of Death and the Book of Life
Adam is the author of the book of death: Jesus Christ is the author of the book of life. In which book is your name written?
The Christian Life Typified in Creation
The lights of Genesis 1 typify the Christian Life.
The Day of the LORD and the Day of Christ
The difference between the day of the LORD and the day of Christ.
The Five Solas - Part 1
The Five solas: Sola Scriptura Part 1
The Foolishness and Weakness of God
The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
The Gifts and Calling of God
The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.
The Glory of the LORD
A study of on the glory of the LORD revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai.
The Judgment Seat of Christ
Every Christian shall appear before this judgment and receive rewards based upon his works after salvation. The motive behind the work is what judged, the quality not the quantity.
The Knowledge of Good and Evil
An interesting study on the tree of the knoweldge of good and evil and why God didn't want them to eat of it.
The Mysteries we should know
The 7 mysteries God expects every Christian to know.
The New Body
A study on the body we shall receive at the resurrection.
The Old Man vs. The New Man
A study on the two natures of the believer. Important doctrine to grasp especially for a young believer.
The Prophet Like Moses
Jesus is the Prophet like Moses. Here are the scripture references that prove Jesus was the Prophet like Moses.
There are also many other things which Jesus did
Jesus did many things we read about and Jesus has done many things we don't read about in the Bible.
There is hope for dead sinners
The greatest sinner in the Bible was also the greatest Chrstian in the Bible! That gives us hope!
Things we know for sure
What the Bible says we can know for sure as Christians.
Thus saith the LORD
A study on how God has spoken to man from the beginning up until now.
Type of the Christian Life
A study of Zechariah 3 reveals one of the greatest types of the Christian life.
What God is up to in our day
The LORD today is not trying to establish a world government, he is taking out of the Gentiles a people for his name.
What Leads to Truth and Error
Right heart leads to truth, wrong heart leads to error.
Where do people go when they die?
Where people went when they died under the Old Testament and under the New Testament with exceptions considered.
Who art thou, Lord?
Who God is according to the Bible.
Why does God allow Evil?
God allows evil to manifest certain attributes of his person that could not be made manifest any other way.
Worthy is the Lamb!
A study on the greatest chapter in the Bible, Revelation 5.

Practical Studies
A Good Church
What a good church is according to the Bible.
Are you read to be used of the LORD?
We must prepare ourselves in the proper manner in order for God to use us.
Be Full of Jesus not Full of yourself
God commands us to be filled with the Holy Ghost not full of ourselves.
Consider Him
We examine the life of the Lord Jesus Christ
Demas means popular and he is an example of a backslidden Christian.
Earnestly Contend for the Faith
A sermon on preaching the gospel.
Follow Jesus!
A study on what a Chrsitian really is.
Get Witnessing
God commands every Christian to be a testimony for Jesus Christ.
God was manifest but is God manifest?
Thank God he was manifest but is God manifest in your life today?
God will give you what you're looking for
God will give you exactly what you are looking for: whether it be good or evil.
Has your cross budded?
When you stand before the LORD, will you have anything to offer him?
How to and what pleases God
What God says pleases him according to the Bible.
It's because of Jesus
Everything is because of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.
Knowing God
How to get to know God and increase in your knowledge of him.
Maintaining your Christian Life
After salvation God wants you to maintain what he gave you and take care of it.
Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee
99% obedience is 100% rebellion. What are you holding on to?
Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament
For those out there that say we shouldn't take the Bible literally, here is how the New Testament writers interpretted the scripture: they did it literally.
Our Walk with the Lord Jesus Christ
A study on our walk with God. We must trust and obey him in order to walk with him.
A study on prayer.
Prepare ye the way of the LORD
We are commanded to prepare that we might see God
Psalm 25
A study on Psalm 25.
Seek Ye Him
The number one goal in life is to seek the LORD and find him.
A study on the doctrine of sin.
A study on suffering. Everyone goes through it, may as well suffer for the LORD.
The Purpose of Life
We were created to glorify and please God
The Will of God
What the will of God is for every Christian.
What are you doing?
What are you doing with your life? Live for Jesus!
What are you looking at?
The scripture says what your eye sees affects your heart. Be careful what you look at.
What the LORD loves and hates
We are to love what God loves and hate what God hates.
Where are the faithful?
Who can find a faithful man?
Where is your heart?
The first question God asked man was, Where art thou? God wants to know where your heart is.
Worship the LORD
A study on worship; the different forms it is manifested in the word of God.
You are seriously missing out
A great Christian life is only a few days journey from Egypt!
You can have it too!
Some of the greatest sinners in the Bible had the best relationships with God.

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Introduction to Rightly Dividing Hand Out
Hand out on rightly diving the word of truth.
The Different Gospels
There are different gospels in the Bible.
Salvation in the New Testament
How someone was eternally saved in the New Testament.
Salvation in the Old Testament
How someone was eternally saved in the Old Testament.
Kingdom of Heaven vs. Kingdom of God
The difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God.
Rightly Dividing the Word
A good overview of rightly dividing the word of truth.

The Book of Romans Series
Romans 1:1-4
The call to preach; the gospel and how it was promised before in the Old Testament Scriptures.
Romans 1:5-13
The ecumenical movement; serving God in spirit, not in flesh, what the Apostle Paul prayed for.
Romans 1:14-17
The gospel of God is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes.
Romans 1:18-23
Part 1: The 6 Steps to Apostasy.
Romans 1:24-32
Part 2: The 6 Steps to Apostasy.
Romans 2:1
A study on judging and what the Bible says about it.
Romans 2:2-9
Salvation during the tribulation.
Romans 2:11-16
What about the heathen that never heard the gospel? Here is the Bible answer.
Romans 2:17-29
God addresses the Jew and hypocrisy.
Romans 3:1-4
The advantage of the Jew; how our lack of faith doesn't affect the faithfulness of God.
Romans 3:5-18
Is God just for taking vengeance on sinners? Is it okay to do evil that good may come? All are under sin?
Romans 3:19-20
All the world is guilty before God and no one is justified by works.
Romans 3:21-26
God's righteousness is Jesus Christ. God justifies the believer in Jesus.
Romans 3:27-31
Man is justified by faith without works; James 2 vs. Romans 3
Romans 4:1-12
Tokens, Sealed, and Spiritual Circumcision.
Romans 4:13-15
Heir of the world and the age of accountability.
Romans 4:16-25
Faith and hope. Walking by faith and not by sight.
Romans 5:1-2
We have peace with God through faith.
Romans 5:3-5
Christians will suffer for Christ's sake
Romans 5:6-11
We were without hope and withou God in the world, BUT GOD!
Romans 5:12-21
Sin and death enter into this world by man, sin and death did not originate with man.
Romans 6:1-4
We look at the different baptisms in the Bible as well as the answer to Paul's question, what shall we say then?
Romans 6:5
A study on our spiritual resurrection and physical resurrection.
Romans 6:6-23
We finish studying Romans 6. An overview of our two natures; our standing and state; and our liberty in Christ
Romans 8:1
There is no condemnation for those in Christ. We examine who is in Christ and why they don't have to worry about condemnation.
Romans 8:2-4
We are free from the second death; what the law could not do
Romans 8:5-9
A study on the carnal mind and spirital mind
Romans 8:16-17
We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ IF we suffer with him
Romans 8:19-25
A study on the Adoption of the Believer
Romans 8:26-27
A study on what the Bible actually says and doesn't say about the gift of tongues
Romans 8:28-31
A study on Predestination
Romans 8:31-39
God is for us, not against us
Romans 9:1
A study on the conscience
Romans 9:2-5
Paul's burden for his people Israel that they might be saved; The 7 things that pertain to Israel

Old Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey: Overview
Important things to remember when reading and studying the Old Testament.
Old Testament Survey: Creation
A look at the creation accounts in the Bible, The Gap theory is really the Gap Fact.
Old Testament Survey: The Book of Genesis
An overview of the book of Genesis.
Old Testament Survey: The Book of Exodus
An overview of the book of Exodus, a detailed look at the Tabernacle.
Old Testament Survey: The Book of Leviticus and Numbers
An overview of Leviticus and Numbers
Old Testament Survey: The Book of Deuteronomy
An overview of the book of Deuteronomy
Old Testament Survey: Joshua, Judges, and Ruth
An overview of the book of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.
Old Testament Survey: The Book of 1 and 2 Samuel
An overview of 1 and 2 Samuel
Old Testament Survey: Kings and Chronicles
An overview of 1 and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Chronicles.
Old Testament Survey: Jeremiah - Malachi
An extremely brief overview of Jeremiah - Malaci

7000 Years of Human History
Illustrates the Biblical Timeline of Man
Daniel's 70 Weeks
Daniel's 70 Weeks. From the Birth of Christ til the Return of Christ. The Pause with Paul.
Daniel's 70th Week unto the End
Daniel's 70 weeks until the end of time. Illustrates the gap between the suffering and glory of Messiah. The Mystery of Godliness and the Myster of Iniquity.
Failure of Man
This chart illustrates the failure of man.
History of the Church Age
A chart that illustrates the church age from Resurrection to Rapture.
How we know we are at the end
The scripture seems to indicate the church age lasts about 2,000 years. We look at current events in light of the word of God.
Mountain Peaks of Prophecy
What the prophets could seed and couldn't see. Taken from Clarence Larkin.
Peter, Paul, and the Church
Peter, Paul, and the Church: Where they overlap and where they differ.
Resurrections and Judgments
The different resurrections and judgments in the Bible
The 3 Generations of the Heavens and the Earth
There are 3 sets of heavens and earth in the word of God.
The 7 Dispensations
The 7 Dispensations in the Bible.
The Ends of the World
The Bible says the end of the world occurred at Calvary and will occur and the Second Coming of Christ.
The Tale of Two Bibles
We look at the history of the two lines of Bibles: One comes from Antioch where they are first called Christians, the other from Egypt.
The Two Adams
A study on the two adams: Adam and Jesus Christ.
The Underworld
A chart of what is below in the heart of the earth.
The Universe
The shape of the universe is like a pyramid with the LORD on top.