Study the Bible

Biblical Christianity vs. Respectable Christianity
The two types of Christianity that exist in our day, specially in America. What group do you belong to?
Biblical Interpretation
How to interpret the Bible and how not to do it.
Churches Condemn the Apostle Paul
If Paul lived today, here is what the churches would say and do about him.
Deuces are Wild
There are pairs of things through out the whole Bible. Here are a few of them.
How to be Strong in the LORD
Want to be strong? Start praising God!
Land of Make Believe
Unsaved people live in a land of make believe, they don't live in reality.
O LORD God my Father
My testimony and song to God
Peter Given the Keys to the Church?
Debunking another Catholic fairy tale with a few verses of Scripture.
Prophecies Fulfilled by our Lord Jesus Christ
Over 40 prophecies Jesus fulfilled at his 1st coming
So much for World Peace?
What does the Bible half to say about world peace? Can we acheieve it without God? Answer: No.
The Call to Preach
There are 3 things that those that have been called to preach have in common.
The Importance of Doctrine
Why doctrine is important.
The Mark 1 Error
An undeniable error found in nearly all modern English translations of the Bible.
What has Tradition done for you?
Tradition is spoken of badly 84% of the time in the word of God. The written word of God is spoken of badly 0% of the time in the Bible. What do you think is safer to live by?
What Must I do to be Saved?
One of the greatest questions in the Bible is asked by an unsaved Gentile. Here is how the word of God answers this important question.
What's wrong with the Bible?
Nothing is wrong with the Bible, so why do people have a problem with it?
Wishful Thinking
The wishful thinking of the wicked is examined.
Your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men
Everyone in high school or college needs to read this.